Our Superior, Deluxe and Executive rooms surprise in contemporary design with a touch of Savoir-Vivre. Modern Art and warm colour shades characterise the stylish interior of all our rooms.

A sleek brasserie offering traditional Turkey cuisine with a Mediterranean accent. There is a terrace for al fresco dining during the summer.
Kizkalesi is a Mediterranean coastal town. Taurus mountains are at north of the town and in fact some quarters of the town are situated on the lower slopes of the mountain. The surrounding area is mostly covered by macquis groves.

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36°28'N 34°9'E / 36.467°N 34.150°E / 36.467; 34.150 is a part of Erdemli district which in turn is a part of Mersin Province . Kęzkalesi is west of Erdemli and Mersin. It is on the D 400 highway, the highway distances being 23 kilometres (14 mi) to Erdemli and 60 kilometres (37 mi) to Mersin. The winter (settled) population is 1742. (2011 est.)[1] But in summers, much higher population figures can be reached due to tourism.

Ancient Corycus was a big city. It became parts of Seleucid Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Seljuks, Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, Oghuz Turks of Karamanids, and finally Ottoman Empire. In Turkish history, it is known as Prince Cem Sultan's departing point from Turkey in 1482 after his defeat in civil war on his way to Rome. After Cem’s departure, Kęzkalesi became the winter settlement of nomadic Turkmens tribes known as Ayaț. It is declared as a seat of township in 1992.

The most important economic activities are agriculture and tourism. Tomatoes, cucumbers, apricots, beans as well as citrus are the most pronounced crops. With widespread historical ruins and wide beaches, touristic potential of the town is great. But tourism is a relatively recent activity and it needs to be further developed to reach the international standards.
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Welcome to The Almir Hotel

     Almir hotel is located near by Mersin Kizkalesi which is most beautiful and historical seaside of the town.We are waiting for you with our amazing sea wiew and historical places. If you have a stressful business life or want to escape from the cities, Almir Hotel is just for you to take a rest in a peaceful environment  with your children.

     Enjoy a boat trip on Kizkalesi and explore the wonderful Erdemli of Mersin . See charming houses, fortresses, palaces and much more.
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